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Thanks for visiting Enchanted Planet Tarot! Why tarot? A tarot reading can show you a clear vision of your future and offer advice on how to achieve what you do want or make changes to avoid an outcome that you don't want. My focus is on using tarot to get practical guidance and insight into everyday situations and decisions. At Enchanted Planet, you won't find any creepy voodoo cryptic warnings designed to scare you into spending more money.

I offer in-depth readings by email or in person (within a limited driving range, of course) at very reasonable prices. You'll always get one free follow-up question within one week of your reading. All readings are totally confidential. My prices are all by the spread, not by the minute. You never have to worry about how long your reading is taking or about hidden charges.

Gift certificates: Tarot readings make great gifts for all occassions!
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How to get started:

1) Not sure what Tarot is all about or how it works? Click on
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3) Once you've decided on a spread, click on the PayPal BUY NOW button. I can usually send you a thorough reading in about 24 hours.

A note from one of my clients:  "Lora has done many readings for me in person and now via email. I was astounded at the accuracy of the email readings. I have tried to prove the cards wrong on several occasions, every time I say ,"I should have listened to Lora!!" She has done many different types of readings for me with life, family, business and love. She is a truly talented and gifted lady."