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Readings by email are convenient and quick. I can usually get back to you within 24 hours - perfect for questions that you need help with immediately! With every reading I do, you'll get a free follow-up question within one week if you need more guidance on the issue.  My prices are all by the spread, not by the minute. You never have to worry about how long your reading is taking or about hidden charges.

Find the spread that best fits your needs and click BUY NOW! Once you have paid through PayPal's secure system, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can send me more information about your question or issue.

General 3-card spread

Maybe you're not sure what to ask, but you know you need help! Choose an area of your life like a new romance, an existing relationship, family issues, career or school, or finances. I'll do a general 3-card spread to give you a snapshot of the situation and practical advice on how to proceed. $5

Decision-Making Spread - Should I or shouldn't I? (9 cards)

Perfect for situations in which you are faced with a decision between two choices. Should I leave my job and try something new OR stick it out and see if things improve? Should I breakup with my significant other OR try to address our issues and make it work? The cards will address the likely outcome of both decisions and what you need to know before making your decision. $10

Relationship Snapshot - Where is this heading? (9 cards)

A great overview of your current relationship, whether it is with a significant other, a family member, or a co-worker. This spread covers how you both see each other, what you each need from the other person, where the relationship is now, where you'd both like it to head, and the likely outcome of this relationship. $10

Career Spread - Working 9 to 5 (15 cards)

This reading addresses the current situation regarding your job, past influences that brought you here, what you can do to help change the situation, and what the future holds for your career. Are things rocky at the office? Maybe sales are down and you're not sure what will happen next - minor budget cuts or massive lay-offs? $15

Ex-Lover Spread - Breaking up is hard to do! (9 cards)

Everyone is at least a little bit curious what they're ex is up to these days... This reading wil cover a snapshot of your relationship's past, where you both are today, how you each feel about the possibility of reuniting, who or what can help you get what you want, something you may not know about the situation, and the likely outcome for you two. $10

One Year Spread - What does the coming year hold for me? (20 cards)

This in-depth reading gives you an overview of what to expect in the next year of your life. What issues or influences are you bringing with you from the previous year (i.e. your "baggage"), how will your year pan out, and what will you carry forward with you into the year beyond? This spread makes a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, New Year's, baby or bridal showers, or any occassion! $20

Don't see a spread that's right for you?

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