What is tarot?

THE CARDS: A tarot deck is made up of 78 cards - 22 "Majors" and 56 "Minors." The Major cards are the ones you see when tarot cards make an appearance on television or in the movies... The Lovers, Death, The Sun, The Moon, and The Fool are among the Major cards. Their messages are considered longer-lasting and more intense and represent the big stepping stones of our lives.

The Minor cards consist of four suits, similar to a regular deck of playing cards. These suits are called Cups, Swords, Wands (or Rods), and Pentacles (or Coins). These cards deal with elements of our daily lives.

THE QUESTION: It's best to make your question focus on YOU and make it as specific as you can. Choose an aspect of your life - your job, your relationship (or quest for one!), family issues, whatever is most concerning you at this moment.  

THE READING: The reader or the client shuffle the cards while focusing on the situation and lay the cards out in a pre-determined format called a "spread" that is designed to address your question. The cards in the reading combine to communicate an answer.

SOUND GOOFY? We've all had experiences where we've thought , "I just have a bad feeling about this..." or "I don't know why, but this just feels right." That's how I feel like tarot cards work. That's why it's so important to focus intently on the situation or question as the cards are shuffled. I can't say quite how it happens, cause I just don't know, but the cards absorb your thoughts and feelings.

Interested in learning more about tarot?

If you live in the DC Metro area and would like to learn more about reading tarot cards, you're in luck! I am the organizer of a Meet-up group called the NoVA Practical Tarot Meetup Group and new members are always welcome.